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Sending emails from Notion with NotionSender

Sending emails from Notion with NotionSender


NotionSender enhances your workflow by enabling you to send emails directly from a Notion database. This guide walks you through the process of setting up and utilizing NotionSender for email management.

Detailed Steps for Sending Emails from Notion

  1. Creating a Notion Database for Outgoing Emails:
  • Using NotionSender: Start by creating a new Outbox within the NotionSender app. This Outbox can be configured to your specific needs and preferences during creation.
  • Manual Database Creation: Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can manually create a database in Notion tailored for your outbound emails.
  • Configuring Outbox Properties: Once your Outbox is set up, either manually or via NotionSender, the next step is to configure the necessary properties in NotionSender. These properties ensure that your emails are sent correctly from Notion.
  1. Managing Emails in the Outbox:
  • All emails flagged as 'Ready to Send' will appear in the Outbox card within the NotionSender app.
  • You have the option to send each email manually or use the preview feature to review the emails before dispatch.

Advanced Email Sending Features

  1. Autosending Functionality:
  • Activate the autosending feature to have emails automatically sent once they are marked as 'Ready to Send'.
  • This feature respects the 'Send At' setting, allowing you to schedule emails for future dispatch.
  1. Customizing Email Sender Address and Name:
  • Validate your personal email or your domain within NotionSender to use as your sender address.
  • Domain validation also activates DKIM signatures, enhancing the security and authenticity of your emails, and provides greater flexibility in choosing email addresses.
  1. Linking a Recipients Database:
  • Connect a recipients database within Notion that includes fields for 'Email' and 'Subscribed'.
  • This database supersedes individual recipients, enabling you to send emails to a curated list of users stored in your Notion database.
  1. Templating Support for Personalized Emails:
  • NotionSender supports the use of templates within your email content. Utilize placeholders like {{ page.Property }} to dynamically insert content.
  • Ensure these placeholders are not formatted as links, and the styling includes the curly braces.
  • You can reference any property from the page or connected recipients, such as {{ page.Email }}, {{ page.Name }}, or {{ page.Balance }}, to add a personalized touch to your emails.


By following these steps and utilizing the advanced features of NotionSender, you can transform your Notion database into a powerful tool for managing and sending emails.

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