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Email Integration for Notion

Save emails to Notion. Send emails from Notion.
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Notion Email Integration

Save email to Notion

Receive emails directly in the Notion database. Create an email address for each database. All emails will be saved in Notion along with useful information like date, files and sender email.

Save email to Notion

Email address for Notion database

Create an unique email address to save emails directly in your Notion database. Disable whenever you want.


Use every way to deliver the email: TO, CC or BCC. Setup auto forward rules for your email to automatically send emails to the Notion.

Access email content in the Notion

All important information is captured inside the Notion. You can use Email widget for saving styled emails or Plain Text mode to save text content.

Connects to any notion database

You can start with as little as email subject or capture additional information like sender, date or attachments.

Send email from Notion

Create emails from notion pages and send them without leaving Notion app. Enable automatic delivery, based on the page status field, to automate email sending.

Send email from Notion

Notion styled emails

NotionSender styles and renders your Notion page to email that is supported by major email clients.

Flexible Recipients field

It is possible to use "email" or "rollup" field to specify the recipients list for email. Email field supports multiple emails separated by coma.

Auto sending

Enable auto delivery for your emails. All emails with status "Outbox" will be sent shortly after setting the status.

Block support

Use most of the formatting blocks notion has to offer. Do not limit yourself - use tables, tallouts, color and formatting, code, images.

Watch our step by step tutorials

How to save emails to Notion

How to send emails from Notion

Notion templates for email integration

Use templates to quickly setup email integration to save emails to notion, send emails or newsletters.

Email Inbox

Email Inbox

Save emails to Notion with this template. Create a unique email address for notion database.

Learn more

Email Outbox

Email Outbox

Send emails from Notion. Configure email status properties, create email inside the Notion and send them.

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Newsletter template

Newsletter template

Create and send newsletters from Notion. Manage subscribers lists with Notion database. Create newsletter in the Notion.

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0$ per month

100 saves and 50 sends per 31 days

Send emails with 1 click

Unlimited amount of addresses

Save email metadata like subject, date

Create emails from Notion pages

💎 Premium

$9.99 per 3 months

Unlimited amount of saves

Scheduling for emails

Attachments support

Save email content as Notion blocks

Email preview image for Gallery view

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to send email to Notion database?

Create an email inbox address for your Notion database using NotionSender. After inbox is created, you can send (to, cc, bcc) emails to the address and emails will be saved in the Notion.

2. How to save email from Gmail to Notion?

After you created email address for your Notion database, you can configure your Gmail email and setup a filter to send email to the Notion. Setup filter to send emails to the generated email.

3. How to save email from Outlook to Notion?

After you created email address for your Notion database, you can configure email forwarding in the Outlook settings. Enable forwarding and use generated email address to show email in Notion.

4. How to save email from Apple Mail to Notion?

After you created email address for your Notion database, you can configure automatic email forwarding in the Apple Mail Preferences. Add new forwarding rule to send emails to the generated email for Notion database.

5. How to send email from Notion database?

You can send email from Notion database with NotionSender integration. Connect and configure your Notion database and send notion pages as emails. Specify multiple recipients or schedule emails to be delivered at specific date.

6. How to show emails in Notion?

You can view email directly in Notion app in a two ways. You can use embeddable email widget to save a web view inside notion with your email or use plain text saving option or view email as image.

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